Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Now with the capabilities to capture outside day shots and inside with the highest quality 3D virtual tours using the Matterport Pro 3 camera.

We provide the most up to date 3D technology that allows clients to view properties, stores, or corporate buildings in a 3D environment.

These tours can provide a wealth of information for Insurance purposes, Police, Fire and public viewing and all can be viewed on a VR Headset.  Architectural design can be viewed by clients that are not even close to the project and can be sent World Wide. Imagine seeing your home or office building being built in 3D from anywhere in the World.

Cruise Ships are large and in charge, try viewing a ship from top to bottom and even explore the areas not seen by the public.  Safety and maintenance instructions can be added to any tour.  Provide a new crewmember or maintenance person the exact way to proceed with their job or safety directions.

No matter how big or small we shoot them All


Drone Photography is fast becoming the standard way to shoot homes and buildings from a cinematic view.  We fly the entire property from every angle to get the best possible photos and video.  We have now added 360 Drone video to our drone flying.  Imagine being able to see a full 360 degrees from any height.  This gives your clients a very unique viewing perspective.

Premier Images 3D will always be looking and offering the latest in photographic  technology.  If we don’t have it yet we’ll have it soon.

HDR Photography

HDR photography has long been the way professionals can show off their talents in taking and editing your photos.

Beautiful colors that jump out at you from every angle.  When we incorporate these style photos into our 3D tours and you have the VR headset on you are immersed in that photo, video or 3D Virtual Tour like no other medium.  Our Real Estate photography has been our backbone of work for over 12 years.

Our name is Premier Images 3D and that is the work we send out


3-D Scanning

360 Videos allow you to watch the video as you grab the screen (with your mouse) and turn the view of the video to any 360-degree position you want to see.

We also have attached our 360 video camera to our Drone.  Imagine viewing the landscape from any height in a 360-degree view.

We Love technology, watching it grow as we can keep growing with this  rapidly expanding the business of capturing life and the things that surround us.

We are a Zillow Premier Photographer and can provide any Real Estate Agent the only video allowed on Zillow.  This service is normally a free add on service to Real Estate Agents.


Rental homes services refer to the provision of properties or homes for temporary occupancy in exchange for rent. These services are typically offered by real estate companies, property management firms, or individual property owners who own residential properties and choose to rent them out to tenants.

EyeSpy 360

Premier Images has a new tool in the OMG dept. EyeSpy 360, virtual tours that you can have Life Open Houses. Special features allow you to invite several clients online and face to face (Like Zoom…) to show your listing. Everyone can interact in the walk-thru feature and talk about it Live. Let us show you how this new tool works for today’s Coronavirus and allows anyone and everyone to view your listings from the safety of their home. Douglas Meyers.

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